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New Job | Work From Home

Gift Box Ireland

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Contents Include:

- Weekly Planner | Plans and Priorities

- Live Succulent Plant | 9.5cm

- Planter | Sloth, 10cm

- White or Navy Speckled Mug | Organic Shape

- Irish Handmade Fudge | Butlers 250g

- Keepsake White Magnetic Lid Box


The Succulent is a Live Plant, please ensure the Gift Box is opened immedietly upon receipt and place plant in a sunny spot. We cannot be held responsible for the condition of the Succulent if the Gift is left unopened for some time.



We are living in an Era where working from home has become the "New Normal", this is a beautiful gift to send or receive and will add a bit of life to a home office or an office desk.

Bring a part of Nature to your office or home with a natural live Succulent Houseplant. Plants are known for purifying air, improving humidity, adding fresh oxygen and improving you focus and mood. The decorative Sloth Planter is the perfect container for the Succulent and the image of the sloth may act as a reminder to take a break and slow down. 

The organic shaped Speckled White or Navy Mug is the perfect mug for a steaming hot cup of coffee or tea to give you the boost you need to keep going.

This beautiful dual list planner is undated, so you can use it every week of the year, or just whenever you need it. It's sure to keep you organised.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious collection of Butlers handmade fudge, made in the traditional way, using the finest Irish grass fed butter, milk and cream with sugar. The box is packed with an assortment of individually wrapped rich chocolate and creamy vanilla fudge. A Butlers classic.

Perfect for new job, congratulations, work from home, home office, birthdays, thank you gift, corporate gift, new hire, employee recognition, new home or "just because".


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